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Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network and has already reached the outstanding level of more than 1 billion users. And for those who think it’s just an application where you take a picture and post it with some nice filter, you’re wrong about halfway through.

For those who run their business through digital marketing, the app, used in the right way, can be the main or one of the main sources of income.

With an infinity of interactive tools that make this social network consumed daily, it is increasingly important to be present with strategies and attention to their innovations to stand out in the midst of that crowd.

That’s why we selected some suggestions that will help you to have a prominent profile on Instagram.

Commercial profile

The first step to get a more assertive analysis and the possibility to be more visible, is to transform your account into a commercial profile.

There is a part of the instagrammers who use the commercial profile (20 million) and who are advertisers (2.5 million).

When you register your profile for commercial purposes, Instagram provides you with important data to use for your performance.

For example: reach, impressions, profile views, demographics.

Instagram provides many numbers so you can understand and optimize the results of your social media strategy, and you can insert accessible links in your bio, such as phone and email, and have the advantage of promoting your publication directly from the application.

Understand the data and create your goal

While they provide you with a significant amount of data, you need to interpret them and know where you want to go with them. And, of course, address the audience of followers you want to have on Instagram.

Who is my target audience? How do I define my buyer person? How do I reach them?

Keep in mind answers you can use to answer these questions, make your plans, and achieve your goals.

Always check if the numbers are leading you to your answers, because they are the ones that will express your performance throughout the publications.

If you want to understand how each metric works on this social network, take a look at our exclusive post.

Do your planning

With data and goals in hand, check which day and time your fans are most present on Instagram and start scheduling posts to get them more involved.

You’ll be able to build a consistent set of content that will appear at the right time to achieve greater reach among users.

Create a schedule for your publications, so you can analyze them with plenty of time and always aim for something later, without having to publish last-minute content, which does not always reach the defined goal.

There are several tools on the Internet that make it possible to schedule publications on Instagram. Take a look at them and see which one is best suited to what you want to do.

The frequency can vary quite a bit with the amount of content you want and you can originate according to your audience.

You can try out the best schedule by analyzing your data. Avoid publishing too much. Ideally, there should be a space of a few hours, in case you make more than one publication per day.

Invest in quality

Since we mentioned it, let’s talk a little bit about quality. There’s no point in having good planning if your publications don’t appeal to your audience.

Standardization of content is necessary for people to be satisfied and find what they are looking for.

Using eye-catching, easy-to-understand images that are in line with what you want to convey is essential, but be careful not to confuse eye-catching with extravagant!

Try to use photos and videos with a good resolution (preferably in square format, 1080 x 1080 px) and with a standard of a certain level.

Focus on similar filters that don’t vary much from one image to another, so that your profile is harmonious and your followers quickly identify it on instagram and your other social networks.

There are applications that enhance photo editing, such as Vsco, Lightroom, Canva, and others.

Besides the visual part, we are mainly talking about the content!

If your goal is also to understand what your buyer person wants, you have to keep in mind what content will make them want and follow your posts.

It is necessary to create valuable content to increase the interest of your audience and to make it clear that you are helping them to solve their problems.

Focus on good writing and be careful with the first words so that people click on “more” to continue reading what you have to say to them.

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